mandag 7. juni 2010

A Burger Shot Of Mine Used In Cafe Review

Natt & Dag, a free monthly paper to be found in cafes and pubs found a shot of mine on flickr and used it in an review (good one) of the cafe Spesial in their June (2010) issue. Photo used:

Burger/012/Lamburger/Kafé Spesial

lørdag 22. mai 2010

My Flickr Shots Used On The Web

A great thing about Flickr is that your photographs get looked at, after all that is the purpose of a photography :-). Sometime someone want to include your photo in a web site or a blog. I do not have a problem with that if it is one of my CC licensed shot and site is not overly comercial (don't mine a bit of ads as long as content is primary). The references I know of so far:

My 'The Hacker Fight' used on this academic web site: Kim Knight Reasearch Highlights.

'My Prague' blogged together with other great Prague shots.

'All That YASS' sunset shot blogged together with other great sunset shots.

Also my favorite Flickr group 'The World Through My Eyes' has been good to me and once selected 'Height Houses' as their 'Icon Of The Day' and choosen me as 'Featured Photographer' so I got to select two of my shots and answer some question here.

torsdag 14. januar 2010

Combining Web Hacking & Photographing

Combining new interest in photographing with old interest in hacking:

Resulted in this web gallery:

Using this service I implemented:

Blog on its development: