fredag 17. oktober 2008

Frosty Lake

It starting to get cold in the mornings. Taken at small lake close at where I work. Some editing with GIMP. Actual, think this work as an black and white photo:

onsdag 15. oktober 2008

Pictures From the Garden

Autumn in the garden.

Passing the garden.

tirsdag 14. oktober 2008

First day - shooting ducks

After unpacking and charging I did go duck hunting in my lunch time. Lot of ducks 200-300 meter fro work. Did not try to compose great photos, mostly playing around with controls and settings. Of around 80 shots kept these. Thing about ducks s that they are rather colorful, must say first impression of D40 color reproduction is good!

Also, these 'normal quality' jpg images takes scaling wery well on the monitor, guess 6mp can deliver given decent environment...

First day - Receiving

Got me the cheapest Nikon digital SLR in production: the two year old consumer entry level DSLR 'only 6mp' D40 model. Well it got almost nothing but fine reviews then, so I figured it still can make nice pictures;-) AND since I now can get the body, 18-55 zoom and 55-200 zoom for 4000nok (650$) from here I could not resist the temptation of making this my first DSLR.

I documented the unpacking with my Nokia E51 in case needed to document got only smashed to pieces stuff, but all was fine:

The packet unopened!

The shelf box revealed AND I remembered to order a memory card...

The internal of the shelf box revealed...

First stuff dragged out of box.

The body is being found!

We got a body...

But as with any new cool gadget these days, you gotta charge a battery before any fun is to be had... Nikon said it would take 90 minutes, I timed it, and guess what, it took 90 minutes...

The lot, ready for action!