fredag 28. november 2008


The work flow that been established since took up photography from an analog (film) distant past:
  1. Pictures are taken in RAW.
  2. At a nice cafe or pub the disaster is reviewed on camera's lcd and many images are deleted and hopefully does not hunt me in nightmares.
  3. At some time later the pictures are transformed to a pc I got access to using Nikon transfer.
  4. Nikon's ViewNX is then used to screen images on the big screen, I feel a real joy when several rows are deleted with one delete button push.
  5. On an external hard disk I make directories for pictures I think I may want to do something with. The directory names tells subject and time and the last directories are one for RAW files and one JPEG files.
  6. RAW files are copied to the external hard drive.
  7. I use two functions if needed of ViewNX on RAW files before generating JPEGs to the external hard disk: Exposure compensation (lately I seem to do less of this, a good sign I hope) and the sharpness filter if I think sharpness applied to all of image is a good thing.
  8. Generates JPEGs on the external hard drive.
  9. Use GIMP on JPEGs for cropping, color editing and removal of things that should not be there.
  10. If anything decent get out of the pipeline it may go to flickr.
  11. The external hard disk is backed up on big unused empty hardisk at work using Microsoft's SynchToy.
This workflow will probably change as I may learn to do new stuff possible with new software. I would like to reduce the number of programs used and the manual labour of creating directories. The program I next mostly is likely to check out is Lightroom: It may help the orginazing part, replace ViewNX and do some of the stuff I now uses GIMP for.

But, I may stick to the above for a while, there are some lenses I rather would use money on then software (all the above mentioned are free).

torsdag 13. november 2008


Okey, I am addicted to flickr, there is where my pictures will go.

So, where does that leaves this blog then when I am not going to be posting pictures here?

It will not be a very frequently updated blog I think, what I will blog about is:
  • New purchases related to photography.
  • Put link to important/useful/interesting stuff on the web related to photography in the link boxes right to entries.
  • Any experience about capturing I would like to write down.
To get to my pictures just click on the flickr gadget showing miniatures of the images right to entries which takes you to a random picture in my stream (the one clicked on) or the link above it to go to my last image.

torsdag 6. november 2008

Found my old tripod!

That is good thing, because a tripod is an essential piece of equipment. Sure, it is not a modern carbon one with a ball head, but it will do for a long time, lenses has priority...

Being of aluminium it is not to heavy draging around. In flickr I tag pictures 'tripod' if taken on one.