fredag 27. februar 2009

lørdag 14. februar 2009

Purchased Capture NX2

Trial period out of Nikon NX2. Decided it is the post processing software for me a long time ago so planned to support one of the local serious photography shops by purchasing the box in order to get a key. But the local FotoVideo shop was sold out!

Well, well painless to buy key online from Nikon's Norwegian site. Put me back 1499 NOK, around 220 USD.

torsdag 12. februar 2009

The BR-2A

A cheap alternative to a micro/macro lens is an adapter that allow you to mount a lens the 'wrong' way. Nikon call it's the BR-2A Macro Adapter Ring. Which is a bit funny since Nikon else do the right thing and call their macro lenses micro lenses....

For some reason it comes in a big package from FotoVideo!


The 50mm 1.4D mounted in reverse:

The first test shot:

Put me back 345 NOK (69 freight), around 50 USD.

I will tag images shot with it "Nikon Macro Adapter Ring BR-2A" on Flickr.

So I was wrong about that aperture ring would not be used on the 50mm!