mandag 27. april 2009

Sensor dust :-(

Sensor dust revealed by make shift pinhole....

onsdag 15. april 2009

Return To Film?

I dug out my old film camera a Canon AE-1 program and invested in a new battery (59 nok) and a black and white Kodak Tri-X 400 film roll (50 nok).

Here is a fun shot of it from my flickr stream:

Two Unlikely Friends Having A Talk

The flickr meeting we had where the shot below is from had with no doubt something to do with me doing this strange thing...

Film Shooters

Not sure where this is going... that is part of the fun!


I decided to splash out on 25$ on PTLens. I like to on some shots taken with the Sigma 10-20 to correct barrel distortion and I like the perspective correction function in this. Not as powerful perspective controls as found in Gimp but easier to use when I planned the shot to be used with it.